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Mayday, Swan Panasia, and Sleeve Kings card, sheet, and tile protectors

Mayday, Swan Panasia, and Sleeve Kings make card, sheet, and tile protector sleeves in a wide range of sizes.
Mayday are usually either 100 per pack for standard thickness sleeves or 50 per pack for thick sleeves.
Their premium textured and colour backed trading card sleeves for Magic and other collectable card games come in 80 per pack.

Swan Panasia have a LOT more variance in the number of sleeves per pack so I have created the first table below, listing their current sizes on offer, and how many sleeves per pack. The second table is Mayday's offerings and the third Sleeve Kings. If you see a size is not listed that you are interested in flick me an email, we may already have it on hand.

If you have a game that you can't find listed in the sleeve guides for Mayday, or Sleeve Kings, or Swan Panasia (US distributor), then measure them against the tables below to determine the likely best fit (if you are a retailer and would like to resell flick us an email). Note that Swan sleeves have a very consistent cut, Mayday's can vary slightly between batches. Sleeve Kings does not yet have enough history to comment - these are a kickstart release from the owner of Mayway Games designed to fit in a compromise niche between premium and thin/standard sleeves.

If you have any questions please contact us here.

Swan Panasia sleeve sizes

Sleeve size mm x mm Sleeves per pack Thick or standard sleevesSwan's limited sleeving guide.
SLE38x60160Standard D&D(old ver)
SLE38x77 160StandardThe Very Clever Pipe Game
SLE41x63160StandardZombicide, Mansion of Madness, Arkham Horror, Star Wars(Small), The Adventurers, Dungeon Degenerates, Cartagena, Sid Meier's Civilization
SLE41x67160StandardDungeon Petz, Space Alert
SLE43x80160StandardKakerlaken-Suppe, Kakerlakensalat
SLE45x90150StandardPower Grid Money (not long enough in our testing)
SLE46x80160StandardHick Hack
SLE47x47160StandardCarcassonne Tile Self-sealing resealable sleeves!
SLE47x70160StandardCarcassonne Tile DIY, Dead Man's Treasure, Manueuvre
SLE50x100 160StandardOdin's Ravens (slightly short, doesn't quite cover card, has been replaced by a 50x101 size), Delphi, Thor, Korsar
SLE50x110160StandardCaesar & Cleopatra
SLE52x105160StandardThe Boss
SLE53x75160StandardStreet Car, Game Link add
SLE55x105160StandardParanoia Card Game
SLE56x100160StandardFriday, Landlord
SLE57x57160StandardRabbit Hunt
SLE57x110160StandardBetrayal at House on the Hill
SLE60x80150StandardZombie Town
SLE60x92160StandardTOP 5!
SLE61x110/SLE61x112150StandardLupus in Tabula 2009
SLE62x85130StandardMake You Conquest, Make You Gunfighters
SLE64x89160StandardMagic (snug fit, recommended for new cards)
SLE65x65160StandardCatan Card Game, Volle Wolle, Ruse & Bruise
SLE65x90160StandardTOP 5!
SLE65x100/66x102160Standard7 Wonders, Boomtown
SLE67x120150StandardThe War of the Ring 2010 ver., Ninja Burger
SLE70x70160StandardPower Grid, GiftTrap
SLE70x100150StandardDay& Night
SLE70x110150StandardFelix, Lost Cities
SLE70x120150StandardBlue Moon
SLE75x110150StandardHoity Toity
SLE77x128100StandardLOTR: the Confrontation Deluxe
SLE80x80150StandardJungle Speed, Five Tribes
SLE80x122170StandardDixit, Steam Planet
SLE88x126100StandardMagic Large Card, Cutthroat Caverns - previously called 90x128 size
SLE90x90130StandardCutthroat Caverns Exp.
SLE90x128100StandardMagic Large Card,Cutthroat Caverns - now called 88x126 size
SLE95x142100StandardSerpent's Tongue
SLE103x128100StandardTalisman Character cards
SLETHI41x63100ThickZombicide, Mansion of Madness, Arkham Horror, Star Wars(Small), The Adventurers, Dungeon Degenerates, Cartagena, Sid Meier's Civilization
SLETHI41x67100ThickDungeon Petz, Space Alert
SLETHI52x74100ThickThrough the Ages: A New Story of Civilization
SLETHI54x8580ThickRaiders of the North Sea etc, Doujin Game
SLETHI57x11080ThickBetrayal at House on the Hill
SLETHI60x80100ThickZombie Town
SLETHI60x92100ThickTOP 5!
SLETHI62x10375ThickKoryo,Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends
SLETHI64x89 100ThickMagic (snug fit, recommended for new cards)
SLETHI65x90100ThickThunderstone and Magic
SLETHI65x100/66x10282Thick7 Wonders
SLETHI65x11580ThickTarot Cards (Japan)
SLETHI70x70100ThickPower Grid, GiftTrap
SLETHI70x11075ThickFelix, Lost Cities
SLETHI70x12075ThickBlue Moon
SLETHI74x105 aka SLETHI75x10570ThickAKINDO Doujin Game
SLETHI77x12850ThickWinter Tales, Kill the Overlord
SLETHI80x8075ThickJungle Speed, Five Tribes
SLETHI88x12650ThickMagic Large Card, Cutthroat Caverns - previously called 90x128 size
SLETHI90x9070ThickCutthroat Caverns Exp.
SLETHI90x12850ThickMagic Large Card,Cutthroat Caverns - now called 88x126 size
SLEORA36Thick3 kind of sleeves for Ora & Labora: 15 x 71*220 + 6 x 141*220 + 15 x 90*140
SLETHI110x25020ThickCustom Made for 7 Wonders boards
SLETHI115x17350ThickCosmic Encounter Sheet (we don't recommend these since they are too tight!)
SLETHI115x18040ThickRex Sheet
SLETHI128x18040ThickArkham Horror Sheet
SLETHI130x21030Thick7 Wonders Babel

Mayday Games sleeve sizes

Sleeve name Sleeve size mm x mm Sleeves per pack Thick or standard sleevesComments
Mini USA yellow41x63100Standard 
Mini Chimera Red43x65100Standard 
Mini Euro blue45x68100Standard 
Roman Tribune49x93100StandardSpecial Order
Sails of Glory50x75100Standard 
Yucatan54x80100StandardSettlers of Catan sleeves
Race! Formula 9055x80100StandardSpecial Order
Standard USA Purple56x87100StandardExcellent for Ticket to Ride (excluding original US map)
USA Chimera Orange57.5x89100Standard 
Euro blue59x92100StandardExcellent for Dominion, recommended
Euro black backed59x92100StandardUseful for cards you don't want to be able to see the back of
Magnum Space61x103100StandardSpecial Order, "Space Alert" & "Dungeon Petz" Sized
Magnum Platinum61x112100StandardSpecial Order, "Dwarf King" French Tarot Sized
Card Game Sleeves Green63.5x88100StandardMagic the Gathering and many boardgames
Perfectfit2.5x3.5 inch100StandardMagic the Gathering
Police Precinct Game63.5x92100StandardSpecial Order
Magnum Copper65x100100StandardMagnum Ultra-Fit "7 Wonders" Card Sleeves
Brown Backed Magnum Copper65x100100StandardSpecial order, 7 Wonders
Blue Backed Magnum Copper65x100100StandardSpecial order, 7 Wonders
Purple Backed Magnum Copper65x100100StandardSpecial order, 7 Wonders
Small Square70x70100StandardPowergrid and King of Tokyo
Magnum Silver70x110100StandardSpecial order, Lost Cities
Medium Square80x80100StandardSpecial order
Magnum Gold80x120100StandardSpecial order, Magnum Ultra-Fit "Dixit" Card Sleeves
Magnum Oversized Dungeon87x112100Standard
Tiny Epic Kingdoms88x125100Standard
Mini USA yellow premium41x6350Premium 
Mini Chimera Red premium43x6550Premium 
Mini Euro premium45x6850Premium
Standard USA Purple premium56x8750Premium 
USA Chimera Orange premium57.5x8950Premium 
Euro blue premium59x9250PremiumExcellent for Dominion - 125% thicker, bulk up the cards though
Card Game Sleeves Green premium63.5x8850PremiumMagic the Gathering
MTG Pro premium textured Black Backed63.5x8880PremiumMagic the Gathering
MTG Pro premium textured Red Backed63.5x8880PremiumMagic the Gathering
MTG Pro premium textured Blue Backed63.5x8880PremiumMagic the Gathering
MTG Pro premium textured Gray Backed63.5x8880PremiumMagic the Gathering
MTG Pro premium textured Green Backed63.5x8880PremiumMagic the Gathering
MTG Pro premium textured orange Backed63.5x8880PremiumMagic the Gathering
MTG Pro premium textured Purple Backed63.5x8880PremiumMagic the Gathering
MTG Pro premium textured Brown Backed63.5x8880PremiumMagic the Gathering
Premium Magnum Copper65x10080PremiumMagnum Ultra-Fit 7 Wonders Premium
Small Square70x7050PremiumPowergrid and King of Tokyo
WOTR: CE Premium70x12075PremiumSpecial order
Magnum Gold Sleeve premium black backed80x12050PremiumSpecial order, Dixit (misprint on pack says 100 sleeves), limited run

Sleeve Kings sizes

Code Description and size in mm (all 60 microns, all 110 sleeves per pack)
SKS-8801Sleeve Kings Mini USA Card Sleeves (41x63mm)
SKS-8802Sleeve Kings Mini Chimera Card Sleeves (43x65mm)
SKS-8803Sleeve Kings Mini Euro Card Sleeves (45x68mm)
SKS-8804Sleeve Kings "Sails of Glory* Card Sleeves (50x75mm)
SKS-8805Sleeve Kings "Kingdom Death Monster" Card Sleeves (52x52mm)
SKS-8806Sleeve Kings Yucatan Card Sleeves (54x80mm)
SKS-8807Sleeve Kings Standard USA Card Sleeves (56x87mm)
SKS-8808Sleeve Kings Standard USA Chimera Card Sleeves (57.5x89mm)
SKS-8809Sleeve Kings Euro Card Sleeves (59x92mm)
SKS-8810Sleeve Kings Card Game Card Sleeves (63.5x88mm)
SKS-8811Sleeve Kings Magnum "7 Wonders" Card Sleeves (65x100mm)
SKS-8812Sleeve Kings Small Square Card Sleeves (70x70mm)
SKS-8813Sleeve Kings Magnum "Lost Cities" Card Sleeves (70x110mm)
SKS-8814Sleeve Kings "WOTR-Tarot" Card Sleeves (70x120mm)
SKS-8815Sleeve Kings Medium Square Card Sleeves (80x80mm)
SKS-8816Sleeve Kings Magnum "Dixit" Card Sleeves (80x120mm)
SKS-8817Sleeve Kings "Space Base Compatible" Sleeves (40x89mm)
SKS-8818Sleeve Kings "Tiny Epic Compatible" Sleeves (88x125mm)
SKS-8819Sleeve Kings "Blood Bowl Compatible" Sleeves (78x113mm)
SKS-8820Sleeve Kings "Super Large" Sleeves (102x127mm)
SKS-8821"North Sea Compatible" Sleeves (54x86mm)
SKS-8822"Betrayal At House Compatible" Sleeves (58x108mm)
SKS-8823"Space Alert Compatible" Sleeves (60x102mm)
SKS-8824"French Tarot" Sleeves (61x112mm)
SKS-8825"War Hammer Quest Compatible" Sleeves (75x110mm)
SKS-8826"Hogwarts Battle Square Compatible" Sleeves (76x76mm)
SKS-8827"Zombicide Compatible" Sleeves (76x88mm)
SKS-8828"Hogwarts Battle Large" Sleeves (76x102mm)
SKS-8829"Space Alert Large Compatible" Sleeves (67x103mm)
SKS-8830"WOTR Perfect Compatible" Sleeves (68x120mm)
SKS-8831"Super Large" Sleeves (89x146mm)
SKS-8832"XXL Super Large" Sleeves (101.5x153mm)
SKS-8833"XXXL Super Large" Sleeves (101.5x203mm)
SKS-8834Sleeve Kings "4XL" Sleeves (103x128mm)
SKS-8835Sleeve Kings "5XL" (120x210mm)
SKS-8836Sleeve Kings "Middara Compatible 6XL" Card Sleeves (127x153mm)
SKS-8837Sleeve Kings "7XL" Sleeves (130x195mm)
SKS-8838"Etherfields Compatible" Sleeves (100x100mm)
SKS-8839"8XL" Sleeves (90x140mm) (Castle von Loghan, Phantom: Treasures of Drakon)
SKS-8840"Everdell Mini Compatible" Sleeves (44x63mm)
SKS-8841Medium Square Sleeves (65x65mm)
SKS-8842Pop Collector Size (70x100mm)
SKS-8843Unsettled Compatible (SK110x110mm)
SKS-8844SK Terraforming Mars: Dice Game standard (55x77mm)
SKS-8845Mega Civilization Sleeves (75x105mm)
SKS-88469XL sleeves (60x130mm)
SKS-8847Perfect Square Standard Sleees (63.5x63.5mm)
SKS-8848Kingdom Death Gambler's Chest Large Compatible Sleeves (57x100mm)
Code Description and size in mm (50 microns, 110 sleeves per pack)
SKS-7710Penny Card Game Card Sleeves (67 X 92)
Code Description and size in mm (60 microns, 110 sleeves per pack)
SKS-7711Perfect Fit Internal Card Sleeves (63.5x88mm)
Code Description and size in mm (all 100 microns, all 55 sleeves per pack)
SKS-9901Mini American Card Sleeves premium (41x63mm)
SKS-9902Mini European Card Sleeves premium (44x68mm)
SKS-9903Standard American Card Sleeves premium (57x89mm)
SKS-9904Standard European Card Sleeves premium (59x92mm)
SKS-9905Standard Card Game Sleeves premium (63.5x88mm)
SKS-9965Square Card Sleeves premium (70x70mm)
SKS-9966Tarot Card Sleeves premium (70x120mm)
SKS-9967SK Magnum "7 Wonders" premium (65x100mm)

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